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Why your living room needs your best attention

Nuclear families, busy schedules, and small, compact homes exemplify today’s living. People today can neither afford nor cater time for spacious homes. The concept of having different rooms for different purposes is becoming less practical and more expensive. So with changing times and lifestyles, the good old parlors, drawing and dining rooms, have all merged together to form the more practical living rooms.

Living room as everyone calls it these days, is the most essential part of every home; it’s like the heart – central, vital, alive and always-in action. The very word living room, speaks a lot for itself. It’s a place where people could sit and chat, host formal or informal gatherings, watch television, listen to music, read, dine or even fall asleep! To say it in one word, “LIVE”!

So it ought to be the best, demanding your attention at all times. After all, it’s your only space of comfort, entertainment and luxury. Just take a look at what your living room can speak about you and your personality, and why it needs your best attention.

A place to unwind: A living room is the place where you spend maximum time while at home. This is where you are likely to unwind your stress and forget your day-to-day pressures. Whether you wish to watch television, listen to music, play a video game, or just snuggle into sofa with a book, it’s the living room where you tend to spend your time after a hard day at work. By keeping it clean, vibrant and clutter free, you can feel more relaxed and its easier to get rid of the stress and negative energy that you often carry back home from the world outside.

Displays your creative and aesthetic sense: The intricacy of design, furniture, flow of colors and the right amount of lighting speak for your artistic and creative mind.  Your living room can speak about you and your personality.

Reflects your moods: Colors and displays are said to reflect your moods. Spaciousness, brightness, fresh flowers, water, greenery, pictures of happy times, paintings on positive things and spirituality display a lighter and more positive mood. Cluttered rooms, poor lighting with dark corners, unpleasant color combinations and walls displaying tragic or unpleasant things may not only create a negative aura in the room, but also portray a depressing image of your personality.

Speaks about your fastidiousness and hygiene levels: A meticulously planned and well-designed living room speaks about your interests towards finer details. Arranging things in an organized manner, maintaining cleanliness, and taking good care of the furniture and furnishings goes to show that you are fastidious and care about hygiene.

Displays your status: If you can afford luxury, then it’s the living room that gives you the opportunity to display it. This is the room that’s most frequented by visitors and your furniture and accessories can definitely send a feeler about your status.

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