change in Dubai this New Year

What moms want to see or change in Dubai this New Year?

A great year has passed and another one awaits! When we look back at 2014, it was the year that saw the after impact of winning the Expo bid, the year that fuelled Dubai’s economic growth and population. Overall a great year for residents of Dubai, but then, there are always some pesky little things that bother and annoy us. Things that irk us in our daily life, things that make us think “why can’t they do something about it?”

We wanted to find out what matters the most to moms in Dubai. What makes living in Dubai easier or difficult for them?  We asked some of our readers about how their life in Dubai is and what they want to see or change in Dubai this New Year. Here’s what they said:

Expensive school transportation

I am a mum of 3 and our children study at a popular International school in Dubai. Between the 3 children, we spend over 25,000 Dirhams each year just on school transportation. Sounds ridiculous to someone who comes from a country where school transportation is usually offered for free! I know it’s different here, private education is expensive in Dubai and many can afford it too, but I think it’s crazy to spend this kind of money on school transportation! Unfortunately, we have no choice but to shell out the bucks. Tried the school run for a while, but with 3 children and different afterschool timings for each, the grind was just too much to handle.

-Kelly Ette

Need more learning support at mainstream schools

We moved from Singapore to Dubai a year ago and I am already in love with this city. It feels like home now. We live in a beautiful villa, have a great social life and everything seems wonderfully easy to manage. Love Dubai for that! I am however, not very happy with the learning support offered at some of the high performing mainstream schools in Dubai. Our 13 year old child suffers from moderate learning difficulties, but his school does not offer him much support. He never really needed a special needs school, but he does require some bit of personal attention and learning support. We now have a special education tutor who comes home twice a week to help him out with Math and Sciences. We are actively considering a school change, although we’d like to send him to a high-performing school.

-Anita Kumar

More exits and U-Turns on Dubai roads

I don’t know if anyone shares the same feeling, but driving in Dubai is certainly driving me nuts! I know the roads are awesome, they are always clean, signboards are there and l do love the landscaping throughout the city. Hats Off to the Municipality for maintaining the roads so well. But as someone who’s new to Dubai, I always struggle to find my way. I get extremely nervous about missing an exit and ending up on unknown streets. Funny, but my GPS ditches me most of the times and I do end up on unknown streets!  Some roads do not have a U turn or exit for a really long stretch. I was once on SMBZ Road to drop my son at his friends place in Arabian Ranches. It was my first time to Ranches, and by the time I figured out the exit, I missed it! Oh dear! I didn’t find another one for miles! I drove all the way until I reached an exit to Al Ain Road and then back again. I almost panicked!

If am not asking for too much, I would definitely like to see more U- turns or roundabouts for people like me.

-Alice. K

More healthy food options and less homework

For UAE residents weekend outings often revolve around shopping malls. I would like to see more of healthy options available in the food courts of Dubai’s shopping malls. No matter how hard I try to give both my kids different food options to choose from, it just narrows down to burgers or fried stuff eventually. If we get healthier, yet kid friendly options in the food courts, it would be great!

I would also like for them to get less Homework from school so that they can get more time for physical activities.

-Saima Abdullah

My daughter is in Grade 9 and son in Grade 5. They both study at an Indian curriculum school, and I am quite happy with the quality of education offered. However, I am unhappy with the amount of homework that they come back with. Grade 9 or 5, there seems to be hardly any difference! They both struggle equally to complete their work and squeeze some time out for themselves. I feel sad that our son hardly goes out to play these days. If it isn’t the homework, then its assessments or exams that keeps them busy.  Most of our “family time” is spent helping children with their homework and school projects!

-Neeraja Chaudhary

More Waste disposal bins

I want to see more recycling bins in Dubai. We live in a popular villa community but sadly, there are no green bins for all villas. The only recycling bins that we can access are the ones at the community retail centre. I keep collecting all the waste that can be recycled and then drop the stuff in these bins every weekend. I think providing recycling bins for every villa or apartment complex will make people less lazy and encourage more people to sort and recycle garbage. Dubai has been going green and investing in Eco-friendly infrastructure, but even simple things like green garbage bins will make a huge difference.

-Leila Hamadeh

Children and seat belts

Dubai is an amazing city! We’ve been in Dubai for more than 15 years now and have seen this city grow from sand to skyscrapers.  Our children were born here and they love their school, their friends and this beautiful city. They can’t think of another place as home. We are happy to be here because we can afford to have a great lifestyle, offer our children a safe environment and quality education, and also help them understand and appreciate many different cultures. Where else can we get such a wonderful combo?

The only think that annoys me at times is the irresponsible attitude of parents. It angers me when I see infants and little children seated in the front seat on a parent’s lap, sometimes with windows rolled down! A kid not wearing the seatbelt is still a common sight. Not much has changed in the last 15 years, but I hope it will…


So this is what some of our moms had to say. Do any of these issues annoy you too? What is it that bothers you the most?  Do share your comments with us through our Facebook post on this topic.

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