Things You Learned From Your Mother

Things You Learned From Your Mother

Looking back on all that you have learned, how many of the really important things in life were taught to you by your Mother? How to be responsible, how to be kind, how to love others – all of these were things you learned from your mother. School just extends these initial life lessons and asks you to put them in a more social, or extended context.

Mothers have a particular place in the hearts of artists and poets the world over. Many attribute their success to the love and support of their Mothers as they face the challenges of being different, forging a new path, and pushing the boundaries of expectations. The unconditional love that a Mother feels for their child is the stuff of legend, and rightly so.

As Mothers face the challenges of raising a child to be a citizen of the future, questions such as what will the future will hold, what kind of skills will they need to be successful in it, and how can they best prepare their child for the unknown weigh heavily on them. The world has changed so rapidly, and nowhere more so than in Dubai! This means that traditional, cultural values are even more important for families to uphold, and for mothers to pass on to their children.

Regardless of cultural heritage, the global values of empathy, kindness, community and responsibility are ones that all Mothers teach to their little ones as they grow and begin to find their place in the world. As the very young move from the egocentric (everything is about me!) to one of connectedness (it’s all about us!), ensuring that children have the confidence to face the world, interact with the people in it, and feel excited about the wonders of the universe is the amazing task of Mothers. What a responsibility!

Mothers are the ultimate mentors. They teach through example and their children learn how to be loving, caring, nurturing and responsible through watching their mothers in their daily lives. Making sure that every need has been anticipated, food is prepared with love, days are filled with fun and friends, and that homes are full of love, these are the everyday tasks of a mother. We learn how to be in this world, how to share our joys and troubles, with the guidance of our mothers.

Families who live overseas, apart from the traditional extended family network, rely far more on friends and communities to support each other. The wonderful Mom networks that exist in Dubai are more than a support or lifeline, these are the new extended families. Mothers who support each other, who share their stories, who help in times of crisis and who offer their time generously to work on community projects, what treasures they are! It is these examples of selflessness, of kindness and teamwork that show to our children the power of caring, of community spirit, and a mindfulness of others.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we also celebrate the family, the community and ourselves. We are a product of our Mothers, the homes that they built for us, the families that they keep together for us, and the world of love that they made for us.

Written By

Vanessa L Temple
Coordinator: Foundation Years at Hartland International School

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