Back To School Transition

Ten Tips To Make Back To School Transition Easier

Summer holidays are coming to end mommies, and it’s time for your kids to head back to school. All this while, your kids have been at ease, enjoying their summer time without many restraints and rigid schedules. When schools re-open, they may find it difficult to change gears at once and adapt themselves to hectic schedules. In fact, some kids don’t even look forward to going back to school! If you’re wondering how to unwind the summer slumber and motivate your kids for school, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our ten tips to make Back-To-School transition easier for you and your kids so that they are eager, not draggy about going back to school.

Tip 1: Drum up some excitement by talking about good times at school last year. Start speaking to your children about how excited they would feel when they meet their old friends once again. Motivate them by recollecting the wonderful times they had with their buddies at school last year. This exercise would certainly kick-in some excitement and make them look forward to school and friends.

Tip 2: Start a discussion about the extra-curricular activities they would like to take up in the new school year. Make use of dinner time to talk to your kids about their sporting interests and plans for the forthcoming year. Give them the freedom to express their choices and opinions, and pass on your feedback when required.

Tip 3: Make back to school shopping more exhilarating by involving them in shopping. If you’re planning to buy new backpacks, lunchboxes, stationery or shoes, seek their opinion. Ask them if they’d prefer supplies with any particular color or theme. They’re more than happy to lend you a hand in shopping. Yes, you may have to deal with some tantrums and discussions in the process, but back to school will certainly set the momentum!

Tip 4: Encourage them to clean-up the hodgepodge from their closets. Help them organize their books, stationery and other belongings amiably. Rearrange the wardrobes to make space for new school uniforms.

Tip 5: Pump-in some excitement by re-organizing or personalizing their study room or study table. Encourage them to share ideas and consider some of their opinions while arranging the stuff. Hang a bulletin board for sticking timetables, school calendars and any other reminders. Stick some empty picture frames on the wall and tell them they are meant to display their best artwork, special moments and certificates earned in the new school year.

Tip 6: Reduce their screen time gradually by engaging them in other activities like books, sports and craft. Curtail them from watching TV or playing video games late into the night.

Tip 7: Set-up and follow a meal time schedule at least a couple weeks ahead of school. Mimic the timings as close to their school schedule as possible. Focus on giving them a healthy balanced diet to get their energy levels up so that they are ready to cope with all the hectic days ahead.

Tip 8: Summer break means a very long time away from school; hence some bit of learning loss is inevitable. You can help beat the summer slump by engaging your kids in some reading and writing activities at home. Start reading books and revising a few lessons from the previous year. Get them to study for at least 20-30 minutes every day before the school re-opens.

Tip 9: If your child is worried about getting bullied by other kids in the new class, make your stand on bullying very clear. Express that you will always be a supportive parent and that he or she should feel free to report if such an issue arises.

Tip 10: Last but not the least, set a bed-time routine at least a week before the school re-opens. Most of the children tend to sleep late nights and wake up late in the morning during vacations. As we know, good night’s sleep is essential for an active and healthy school life. Sleep deprived kids can feel dull and groggy at school, so start making gradual changes to their sleeping hours by encouraging them to hit-the sack early every day. If getting them to bed is an issue, start bedtime stories or reading in bed as a daily activity. Slowly and steadily, reinstate their sleeping routine. Once bed-time and wake-up schedules are regularized, children will adapt themselves to school routine with ease.

With some bit of planning, encouragement, reassurance and of course extra cuddles, your kids will be ready and eager to head back to school.

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