Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

SISD Boarding School to open in September 2017

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai’s (SISD) state of the art boarding facilities will be welcoming male students to its campus in September 2017, with registration opening in January 2017. Female boarding will follow in 2018. SISD will offer local and international boarding students a premier education focused on both academic excellence and personal growth.

SISD boarding school will be unlike any other school in the UAE and the Middle East. What sets it apart is both the standards of its facilities and the approach to pupil care and learning. The design of the boarding houses, the multi-talented staff and how it has followed the Swiss tradition of providing an exceptional boarding experience are all new to the Middle East, offering parents a greater diversity in terms of their children’s education. The boarding houses have been designed to create a calm environment that helps boarders study, rest and play. At the heart of the design has been the pupils’ experience, creating a genuine home for the students and making them feel part of the SISD community. Pupils will be immersed in an exceptional learning environment, inspiring them to become confident, responsible, and compassionate adolescents.

According to a recent study, 87% of graduates who attended boarding schools say they were well-prepared for university, by mid-career, 44% of graduates who attended boarding schools have already achieved top management positions and 90% of Boarding School students said in a recent survey that they felt challenged academically.

Head of School, Beat Sommer commented on the new facility; “Boarding allows children to develop a range of key life skills and prepares them for the future, whether it is for University or later in their careers. They learn skills such as organisation, leadership, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, empathy, responsibility and cultural agility. When our boarders graduate from SISD they will leave with an international network of friends, the highest qualifications to join the best universities around the world and the skills necessary to thrive in an ever changing world.”

SISD will have a house system in place to ensure integration between the day and boarding students. This will encourage students to develop friendships across the school. To help smooth the transition of students becoming boarders SISD invites families and children to visit the campus before joining, allowing them to meet the staff and other students. “The more familiar the child is with the school, the less of a surprise it will be when they join us and it reassures the mind of the parents.”

SISD ensure results by implementing a set routine along with a range of initiatives such as a leadership programme for the boarders, designed to inspire tomorrow’s influencers. Boarders are fully immersed in school life and do better academically as they have easier access to support from the academic staff and full access to the facilities on campus. SISD will cater for boarders who live in the UAE but also to international students, having weekly and full boarders. The weekly boarding option enables students from Dubai to avoid lengthy commutes. At the same time, the school will provide student.

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