Rainbow Readiness Kit

Rainbow Readiness Kit prepares children for School

Most parents find it very challenging as well as intimidating to constructively engage their pre-school children in different activities at home. That’s because children just want to have fun and parents do not know how to create an activity that integrates both fun and learning.

keeping the above challenges in mind, Ansofie Reeders, an Early Years Education Expert with more than 30 years of teaching experience in UAE, Dana Bader, an American born writer and Hannah Young, a Psychology graduate from University of London, came together to create an early years learning and activity programme called Rainbow Readiness.

Rainbow Readiness makes your little superstars ready for school and the world outside!

During her professional life, Ansofie came across several instances where children had difficulties settling down in schools and at times even struggled to pass the assessments required to gain entry into nurseries and schools. In order to address this critical issue, Ansofie decided to design and develop a programme that would empower parents to help them build the social confidence and basic skills their children would need while entering a formal learning environment.

Rainbow Readiness programme has been carefully designed and organised with busy parents in mind.

Although this programme is no less than a complete early years parenting workshop, it is extremely easy to use. The kit comes with a beautiful pack containing a book, 28 colourful activity cards, a stand and a special pen to mark the Childs progress. While the book is based on 7 areas of development outlined by the British National Curriculum , each area is represented by a specific colour, which is meant to match with the similarly colour coded activity cards. For example, Mathematics is represented by Green colour in the book; hence all maths related activity cards have a Green colour code. So even if parents do not have the time to work with their child on a daily basis, the colour coding and simple instructions make it easy for caretakers as well as nannies to execute.

All the activity cards are laminated and washable! Isn’t that perfect when working with little children? You can also stack them neatly on the stand provided or just carry them with you wherever you go. You can mark your little one’s progress on the back of each activity card with the pen provided. The record can be wiped away to add new comments as the child develops and begins to master the skills. You can also upgrade the activities by buying more complicated activity cards as your child grows.

Want to buy a Rainbow Readiness kit?

Rainbow Readiness kits are fast selling, get yours today! Priced at only AED 150 for the entire kit, it is an absolute value for money! This pack is also an ideal gift to present to your family or friends having little children at home.

You can order the kit online through www.rainbowreadiness.com or through souq.com and it will be delivered to you free of cost within UAE. You can also pay by cash on delivery or bank transfer. http://www.rainbowreadiness.com/buy-now.html

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Rainbow Readiness team is also available to address your parenting concerns and questions related to preschool learning and support through Dubaimoms.com Experts panel. http://dubaimoms.com/category/ask-our-experts

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