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Rainbow Loom Bracelets – latest craze among kids

They may look too flashy and too silly to wear, but the rainbow loom bracelets, as they are popularly called, are a big hit with kids these days. Irrespective of the gender, kids want to make and flaunt their rainbow bracelets anywhere and everywhere.

Kids can make their own rainbow loom bracelets using a special kit that comes with a simple crochet like tool and a large pack of multi-coloured rubber bands. Yes, it’s as simple as that, but it’s one of the hottest selling toys today.

Parents have no reason to complain and they are more than happy to buy them this new gadget. “It’s inexpensive, keeps the children occupied and engages them in a creative activity. What more can we ask for?” says Linda, whose 8 year old daughter is hooked to her new toy. “She was initially making bracelets for herself, but now my little girl seems to be getting orders from her friends! They all want to wear those rubber band bracelets!”. “My son has stopped playing games on the iPad after a family friend of ours gifted him a Rainbow loom set “, says another happy mother from Dubai.

This simple rubber band bracelet making kit Invented by Cheong-Choon Ng, from Michigan, USA, has become a huge sensation today. When he started off he had no idea this would become such a big hit. He created this set to help his daughters who enjoyed making bracelets. His invention helped them make more creative patterns as he meticulously worked on interlacing various geometric shapes. They made videos on how to make these bracelets and uploaded them on You Tube. Soon it caught everyone’s imagination and he had a business in hand. Today, Rainbow Loom Set is sold in most of the toy stores around the world and there are loads of videos on You Tube on how to make rainbow loom bracelets.

While kids are happy flaunting their flashy bracelets, parents are happy that their kids are occupied and away from the dreaded screens. If you are wanting to buy these Looms here in Dubai, you can find them at Virgin Megastores.

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