Pre vacation planning – Tips for home safety and care

Its vacation time and most of you must be busy shopping for gifts or packing your bags. But have you thought about your home and things at home? Who would look after it and how can you keep your home clean, safe and lively even in your absence?

It is extremely important to look after your home even while you are way from it. Now how’s that possible? Well it is, if you do some pre vacation planning.
Here are some housekeeping tips and safety measures that will ensure your home is safe while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

• The day you are done with packing, dispose of all the trash like empty cartons, boxes, plastic shopping bags, and all the other unwanted items. This clears out a lot of clutter. You would not want to see a home cluttered with bags and trash all around when you get back home after a relaxing holiday.

• On the day of your travel, clean up your house thoroughly, vacuum the carpets and rugs, make the bed, make sure all the dishes are washed and kitchen and bathrooms cleaned. Remember bugs and cockroaches will not mind a feast at your undisturbed home.

• Don’t forget to clear all the dustbins just before you leave.

• If you have indoor plants or a lawn to be taken care of, arrange for some help to take care of the same. If you have a few indoor plants, you could leave them at a friend’s place and request them to water and keep an eye on the plants.

• Turn off all the lights; switch off the TV, music system, computer and other electrical and electronic appliances that will not be in use. You might want to keep the refrigerator on though!

• If have a gas cylinder in the kitchen, turn off the regulator.

• When you leave the home make sure none of your candles, lanterns, and lamps are lit.

• Ensure all your doors and windows are closed and locked.

• Tell your neighbour or friend about your travel dates and if possible leave your contact number with them in case they need to contact you for any emergency. You might also consider leaving a spare set of keys with a close friend.

• Suspend some daily services like newspaper or arrange for someone to collect them for you.

• If you are expecting any mails to be delivered, inform your neighbour about it and request/authorize them to collect it on your behalf.

• Clear all your bank and credit card payments, utility and telephone bills before you leave. The last thing you would want to see when you get back home is suspended electricity and water connection!

Follow these simple tips and leave behind all the thoughts and concerns about your home the moment you step out. Have a happy and peaceful holiday.

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