Perfume For your personality

Perfume that suits your personality

Kathy is a Business development manager and a die-hard fan of perfumes. She shops for perfumes every month and there probably isn’t a brand that she has not tried! When asked what makes her spend on perfumes, she said it’s about style, about having the hot and trendy brands on her dressing table and of course, about smelling good.

Like Kathy, most women use perfumes because it makes them feel good. Sometimes perfumes are bought based on a friend’s recommendation or even by the look of the bottle!

Nothing is more enticing than fresh fragrances and sweet scents that intrinsically blend with your body and style. Fragrances can speak about you, reflect your inner persona and create an external aura around you. But how often do you wear perfumes that blend with your personality? When you buy a perfume, do you look for the scent that defines the woman in you? If you are wondering what we are talking about, take a look at our guide that tells you what each scent reflects.

Light Floral Scents: Flowers reflect freshness, beauty and delicacy. Unarguably feminine in nature! Scents made of flowers suit most women very well. Light floral scents grace women who are delicate, soft spoken, with gentle mannerisms and a shy personality. Suits women who are romantic by nature and enjoy subtle gestures of romance from their spouse.

Heavy Floral Scents: These symbolize luxury and lavishness. Suits best for occasions like weddings and night parties. Should be used in moderation and the fragrance should not overpower your personality. Strong, bold women, who charm others with their speech, their unique style, charismatic presence and an air of superiority, are better suitable for heavy scents.

Tangy Scents: A harmonious blend of flowers and tangy fruits, it can uplift even the dullest of moods. It’s perfect for women who are always busy and running around. The citrus smells add a touch of freshness and act as stress busters. Makes you feel rejuvenated after a long and tired day.

Oriental Spice: This one is for women who are confident, stylish and sophisticated. For those who like to look good and impress others with their well-selected clothes and accessories, who know exactly what they want and how to get it. The spicy mixes could make them feel even more confident and presentable.

Woody Fragrances: These are rich, yet soothing and mild. Earthy and natural fragrances like sandalwood and Cedar are versatile, but they particularly compliment mature women and women who are warm and friendly by nature. This fragrance is also meant for women who like to dress up in earthy tones. Woody fragrances can create a sensual, yet classy aura.

So ladies, it’s not only about smelling great, it’s about you!

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