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Photographer Nicky Mclean specialises in custom, artful and timeless Newborn photography.

Originally from South Africa, Nicky has been living in Dubai for the past 16 years. A humble and down to earth person, Nicky feels this beautiful city and her own journey as a mother is what inspired her to pursue this profession. “I have enjoyed watching Dubai change and I am very grateful to be here. Having both my children in Dubai and being away from family, it has been the cornerstone of inspiration to capture the everyday lives of my children in a creative and fun way and share these moments with my family”, says Nicky, who not only uses her own personal experiences into her creative work, but also makes an effort to share those wonderful ideas with her clients.

Having come from an art background, Nicky finds the creative aspect of her profession immensely satisfying. She chose to specialize in artful imagery of newborns in various props and posed in cute positions. Nicky has been trained on safety and styling by some of the best Newborn Photographers in the States. “I am a strong believer in the necessity of not being self-taught on newborns and being trained by photographers that have far more experience than myself” opined Nicky, as she truly believes in offering professional and quality images to her clients that can be treasured forever.

Like every other woman, Nicky tries hard to juggle through the various roles in her life. As a mother, wife and a successful entrepreneur, she tries her best to be organized, to invest as much quality time into her family as possible and at the same time give her clients the help and attention that they need. For Nicky, it’s all about working with passion. “No two shoots are ever the same and I think this is what makes my clients excited. They want something different and fresh. They want their kids to have fun and most of all they want great memories captured with themselves and their kids”. Her passion for Newborn imagery, her experience as a mother and her desire to see joy and pride on every parent’s face, is what sets Nicky apart as one of the best Newborn and family photographer in Dubai.

A special thought from Nicky for all the Moms with Cameras or without Cameras:

There is no better time than the present to capture your family. Braces, band aids or even a bad haircut should not stop you. If you don’t know your camera, get to know you camera – your camera is the best friend you will ever have. It will stop time for you just for a second and capture those funny seconds that you will forget. Capture your children as they grow at every stage. Keep your camera handy around the house and capture baking disasters and bomb drops in the swimming pool – before you know it, your children are not finding these things funny anymore. This is what we live for and work so hard for – happy times!

Indeed, these inspiring words from Nicky will encourage a lot of mothers to grab their cameras and capture those special moments.

To get in touch with Nicky or to take a look at her work, please contact

Mobile:      055 549 2278

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