UAE driving license renewal

New traffic laws and changes to UAE driving license renewal

Is your UAE driving license renewal date coming up soon? Your current UAE driving license which was previously being renewed for 10 years, will now have to be renewed twice every decade. As per media reports, a new law mandates the expatriate residents to renew their driving license every 5 years instead of 10.

There have been recent amendments to the Federal law regarding traffic laws as per Ministerial Decree for the year 2017 issued by Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Deputy Prime Minister of UAE and Minister of Interior. Under the amendments, UAE expats will have to renew their driving license once every five years and are required to have valid residence permit. However, UAE Nationals/Citizens have an exemption to this and they will be able to renew their licenses once every 10 years as previously.

Also, starting from July 1, new expatriate drivers will only be issued licenses for a period of 2 years, following which they will have to renew the same every 5 years. Authorities may also issue driving licenses valid for only one year for certain categories.

There are also stricter rules in place for drivers with certain medical conditions. The licensing authority will be seeking health reports about people who may have medical conditions that could possibly affect their ability to drive.

Seat Belts and Child safety rules

1. All passengers (adults and children) in the vehicle must wear seatbelts. Failing to buckle up can attract a fine of AED 400 for the driver and 4 black points on the drivers license.

2. The new rules also specify that Children over the age of 10 are allowed to sit in the front seat of the vehicle.

3. It is mandatory that children aged 4 or less should be buckled up safely in protective car seats in the rear.

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