Nanogen Hair Products Thinning and Hair Loss

Nanogen 3x offers hope for Thinning and Hair Loss

Have you been noticing a widening hair parting and unusually large numbers of hair strands in your hair brush? Your hair is perhaps thinning and falling out. Although severe hair loss and baldness are often seen in men, statistics show that more and more women are increasingly worried about losing their locks. More than 60% of women around the world are concerned about thinning and hair loss. Hair fall is also a fairly common problem in the UAE. Blame it on tap water, lifestyle, stress, hot and humid weather conditions, or constant exposure to air conditioners, thinning and hair loss does worry many in the UAE.

If you’ve been fighting this problem for a while now, you may want to try out the new Nanogen 3x hair fall treatment range that has now arrived in the UAE. Nanogen ( has been one of the leading hair loss products in the UK for more than a decade. Nanogen 3X is their latest premium and professional hair thickening treatment range based on cutting edge regenerative technology and expert hair research.

What does Nanogen 3x hair thickening treatment include?

The 3X professional hair care solution comprises of a shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. They work together to cleanse, balance and nourish your hair and the hair follicles at the same time, leaving you with fuller looking locks and stronger roots.

Nanogen 3x thickening treatment shampoo is a hyaluronic acid enriched formula that actually thickens hair while cleansing. The shampoo is also deep cleansing and pore blocking.

Nanogen 3X thickening treatment conditioner is fortified with hyaluronic acid, nourishing biotin and cysteine to create volume and healthy shine.

Nanogen 3x thickening treatment serum is a clinically tested hair serum with highest concentration of growth factors to activate and regenerate hair follicles. The powerful formula also contains antioxidants and anti-thinning Hydrolysed Lupine protein that nourishes and protects the hair follicles from further damage.

How does Nanogen 3x work?

Hair fall may be quite subtle to start with, but can become more pronounced in the absence of treatment. While healthy diet, stress management and adequate sleep are essential for maintaining a healthy hair growth, your aging and shrinking hair follicles may need an extra dose of growth factors. Nanogen 3X range of products promises to do just that-replenish your roots with 3 times the growth factor concentration of regular products. Nanogen’s nature identical growth factors restore your hair cells, leading to healthy hair growth eventually. Nanogen 3x promises thicker fuller hair within 3 months time.

Most hair thickening products contain Minoxidil, which is the standard hair thickening treatment. When some clinic trials were conducted to test the Nanogen treatment serum against, 5% Minoxidil, the results showed 237% more hair growth with Nanogen’s triple strength growth factors.

How to use the Nanogen 3x range?

The Nanogen treatment range has been designed to work synergistically, with each element complementing the others. Hence establishing a convenient treatment routine with all 3 products ensures best results.

  1. Massage the shampoo into wet scalp and hair
  2. Rinse thoroughly after a minute
  3. Follow with thickening conditioner and rinse once again.
  4. Serum should be used once every day, preferably in the night.
  5. Gently massage 1 ml serum into the entire scalp (do not use more than the recommended amount)

Where to buy 3x thickening treatment range in UAE?

Nanogen 3x is a professional hair thickening treatment range, hence it can be purchased at all leading pharmacies across the UAE.

For more information about Nanogen 3x products in UAE, please visit Nanogen 3x.

Is there any Nanogen product that can offer instant results?

If you want your hair to look thicker and fuller in seconds, you can try the Nanogen thickening hair fibres. Nanogen fibres are genuine Keratin hair fibres, exactly like natural keratin found in hair. The fibres when sprayed onto hair, bind strongly to any hair type, all day long, adding instant volume and density to hair. Keratin fibres are clinically tested and non-irritating. These fibres also come in 10 different shades to match your hair color. You can even repeat with a different colour in some areas for highlights.

If you would like to win yourself a Nanogen 3X Hair Treatment Kit, participate in our contest.

Watch a real-time transformation with Nanogen hair fibres? Please take a look at this video.

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