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Mothers Vitamin D levels can affect her child’s future?

According to a new research study from the MRC LEU at the University of Southampton, a woman’s Vitamin D levels during pregnancy can affect her child’s muscle strength and development.

The report suggests that children are more likely to have stronger muscles and better grip if their mothers had a higher level of Vitamin D in their body during pregnancy. According to the lead researcher Dr. Harvey, the association between the mothers Vitamin D levels and her child’s muscle strength may have an implication on the child’s future health and over all well-being as well. Such children would be physically more active and have better skills. Greater muscle strength at a younger age could potentially peak in adolescence and adulthood which helps the individual lead a better quality of life. It could also go a long way into helping them in their old age when there is a natural loss of muscle mass. They are less likely to suffer from falls and fractures.

Vitamin D deficiency is not uncommon amongst the women and children in the UAE. According to the DHA, a vast majority of UAE population have low levels of Vitamin D. Major source of Vitamin D is the sunlight. Inadequate exposure to sun is definitely the reason for this deficiency. Although some foods contain Vitamin D naturally, it is in very low amounts. However, Vitamin D fortified foods like dairy and cereals are easily available. During pregnancy Vitamin D supplements are often recommended by the experts.

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