How to make your fresh flowers last longer?

Fresh flowers are like a breath of fresh air; they can energize the dullest of rooms and gloomiest of moods. Nothing more positive than a bunch of fresh enticing flowers! That is why they make an excellent present for every occasion. During festive seasons like Christmas and New Year’s, most of us either buy or receive fresh  flowers , and as these beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements adorn our homes, they keep the festive mood alive and bring joy into our lives. If you are looking for a way to make those flowers stay fresh and vibrant long after the festive occasion, try some of these tips. With a little bit of love and care, your fresh flowers will be happy to bloom and stay with you for long.

Bring the fresh flowers home fast

Usually florists place the cut flowers in water. Once out of water, they start wilting, so make sure you bring them home as quickly as possible. If you are planning to buy fresh flowers on a busy day, do so only when you are done with all the other jobs and ready to head back home. Let flowers be the last one’s on your shopping list for the day. If for any reason, you expect a delay in getting back home, request the florist to wrap the bottom of the stems in dampened tissues.

Carefully inspect the flowers when you buy them at the store. If you don’t pay attention to what the florist is picking to make your bouquet, you may end up having some old, wilted flowers. If you are buying roses, slightly pinch the base of the flower where it meets the stem. If it doesn’t feel nice and firm, then it may not be fresh.

Choose the right vase

Taller arrangements require longer vases, while wider arrangement requires short and wide, bowl or basket type of vases. Also make sure the vase is sturdy enough to take the weight of the flowers. The vase should also have enough space to hold sufficient amounts of water. Clean the vase thoroughly, especially if it has already been in use. There might be some slime on the walls from previous flower arrangement, so scrub it with a brush before you put in the new flowers. If your vase is clean, the flowers will remain fresh for a longer time.

Cut the stems

Before you arrange the flowers in the vase, cut the stems with a knife or shears under lukewarm, running water. This will hydrate the flowers. Don’t cut the stems horizontally, do it at a 45 degree angle in order to offer more cells and surface area for absorption of water. It is a good idea to cut a tiny bit off the stems every other day.

Remove the extra leaves

If you find leaves at the bottom of the stems, remove them before you place the stems in the vase. Leaves submerged under water can rot and contaminate the water. Removing these leaves will keep your vase clean and water fresh.

Use fresh water and flower preservative

Fill up the vase (slightly more than half) with fresh water and add a sachet of flower preservative to it. The preservative is a mixture of germicide, vitamins and minerals to help flowers bloom and stay fresh longer. They are easily available in the supermarkets or at any florist shop.

Add some lime-soda

You can also mix in a little bit of lime soda or drinks like Sprite and 7-up to the water in the vase. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and also supplies sugars to nourish the flowers.


Do not expose the flowers to direct sunlight, heaters and air-conditioners that can dehydrate the flowers.

Regular inspection

Once you arrange the flowers, it’s important to check them daily. Top-up with fresh water and preservative every day. Look for any wilted flowers or rotten leaves and discard them. You can spray with a water mist every alternate day, especially if you have a rose arrangement.

Change water and re-cut the stems

Change the water completely every three days.  You should also re-cut the stems before arranging them back in the vase. This prevents the formation of air bubbles that could decrease the absorption of water.

So there you go! Keep loving your flowers and prolong the festive bloom.

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