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How Robotic Vacuum Cleaners can help busy moms in UAE

Single woman, working mom or stay at home mom, each one has her own busy schedule with hardly a minute to spare. Managing this fast paced, action packed life efficiently is a complex art, but the modern day woman has mastered it by making use of the technology available. One such female friendly technology that’s being loved by women all around the world is the Robotic vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can be scheduled to work exactly when and where you want them to work. They can very easily navigate around your rooms, under furniture and all this while you are away from home or busy working on something else. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Imagine coming back home after a busy day and not having to bother about cleaning up your messy floors!

Busy mammas in UAE can also make use of this technology. The good news is that Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaners are available in UAE! Yes, you don’t have to bother about the time consuming manual vacuum cleaning or the hassle of leaving your home keys for the housekeeping team. Life becomes so much simpler and hassle free with one tiny machine, your Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Kobold VR100 robot vacuum will start cleaning at the exact time that you set, with just the touch of a button. The laser detection system of the Kobold VR100 knows exactly where it has been and where to go next. Systematically it navigates through your home and thoroughly cleans all around the floor. With the help of optical sensors it can also detect objects to avoid and even safely avoid falling down the stairs. Simply incredible! Although the technology used is highly sophisticated, Kobold VR100 is extremely simple and easy to program. It’s an ideal gadget recommended for busy modern day moms. So get your very own Kobold VR100 robot vacuum cleaner today! It is available in UAE at

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