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Home nursing services in Dubai

Due to a steady rise in the number of nuclear families, ageing baby boomers as well as drastic improvement in the life expectancy of elderly and the aged, there is a growing need for professional caregivers who can offer in-home medical services. Beverly Hills Home Healthcare, an entity of Healthcare MENA, promises to deliver this much needed professional care and medical assistance right at your doorstep.

From antenatal and post natal support, to care for an elderly or disabled member of the family, Beverly Hills Home Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of in-home nursing services to support new mums and families in Dubai and UAE. Their wide range of services includes:

  • Home nursing – includes care for elderly, respite care and palliative care.
  • Surgery patient care – includes post-operative care for simple to complex cases.
  • Therapy – includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.
  • Laboratory Services.
  • Emergency Services – 24/7 doctor on call for all emergency situations.
  • Antenatal & Post-natal support for women.
  • Newborn care and support for children with special needs

All the nurses at Beverly Hills are registered under the DHA, and are well trained to offer medical assistance based on the specific requirements of individuals and their families. From planning, evaluation, and management of patient care, to assessment of patient condition on a regular basis, the nurses have the professional experience and expertise to deal with all aspects of medical care.

Mr. Andrew Wilkins, an Australian expat in Dubai sought medical rehabilitation support for his wife Janice, soon after her discharge from the hospital. He expressed his gratitude to the nurses at Beverly Hills Home Healthcare for their relentless support. “We are so impressed with the standards of care and attention given to my wife”, he said. “I was amazed at the speed of the recovery, her gait is more stable and my wife started doing everything on her own. We are very grateful to all the caregivers who attended to my wife in our house.”

Apart from in-home patient care, the nurses also provide support and guidance to pregnant women through different stages of pregnancy, especially when there are medical conditions complicating the pregnancy. They also help mothers with post natal support after the childbirth. The nurses are well equipped to monitor and care for newborn babies and provide education for new mothers in the first 28 days following childbirth.

As a new mother, you may often feel lost and confused. Not knowing how to handle a newborn baby could make you feel vulnerable. The nurses at Beverly Hills can guide you through demonstrations on feeding (breast or bottle feeding), bathing & dressing (general baby care/hygiene) and educating you about setting a routine for the newborn. Newborn care can also be extremely demanding on couples and there is a real possibility of experiencing a burnout. At times like these, when you badly need a respite, the trusted nurses at Beverly Hills are available to care for your baby while you take a much needed break.

Beverly Hills Home nursing services are available round the clock and tailored to your needs. You can have them for a few hours, few weeks or few months, entirely based on your requirements. If you need professional and high end medical care in the comfort of your home, Beverly Hills Home Healthcare is just a call away. You can call their toll free number 800 2492 on call them on 055 713 9895 / 050 784 0395.

You can also reach them on email:,,

For more details about Beverly Hills Home Healthcare and the services offered, please visit their website

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