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    Siby Babu

    Hi..I have read up on all the suggestions offered in this write up..I would like the opinion on International Modern Hospital and Dr. Josephine Jose..would be greatly appreciated if you can offer a quick reply..thanks :)..



    I have a very great personal feeling in recommending Dr.Sarada B Gosh from Saudi German hospital

    We were new to this place and was searching for a doc with whom v can b comfortable with, and after hearing to the opinions of people we ended up in the hands of an angel.

    She is approachable, open for any discussions w.r.t anything related to during 9months and later on too
    She never complicated or exaggerated any situation but handled with ease and confidence that really made us to stay calm

    She would definitely try for normal till the possible & would guide us in such a way

    Highly recommended



    I would highly recommend Dr. Sharda Brata Ghosh at Medcare.

    She was excellent throughout my pregnancy right up until my delivery.

    She was v approachable and very open to solve any concern I had with, she was just a phone call away. She was very friendly and seemed to take an active and real interest in my progress, I felt very comfortable around her.

    Being first time pregnant I was very nervous but with her experience and attitude she always gave me courage and treated me with ease. Never she exaggerated the situation even during my labor time & during the Surg. She is just excellent even post delivery too.She understands her patient so well both physically and emotionally..

    I am really thankful to Dr.Sharda for taking very good care of me for months and still

    For me she is just an Angel

    Any can just go ahead and give ur self to her and she vl handle the rest & u r at peace all the time through out Pregnancy


    Chiho Rim

    You may want to check these review website rankings:

    best indian gynecologists in Dubai https://www.drfive.com/best-indian-gynecologists-in-dubai.htm

    top 10 gynecologist in 2017 https://www.drfive.com/news/top-10-gynecologists-in-dubai-by-reviews-in-2017-30.htm



    i recommend Dr. Anjana Kaul (Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and Dr. Ruma Bhargava (Specialist Infertility & Reproductive Medicine Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology). You can contact her at Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre Dubai.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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