Dubai Carpet and Art Oasis

Carpet making is a work of art. Like Paintings, carpets also tell you a story and display a personality of their own. For those who love carpets and appreciate the elegance and creativity of this beautiful piece of art, the Dubai Carpet & Art Oasis is a visual delight.

Dubai Carpet and Art Oasis is annually organised by the Dubai Customs Authority as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival. This year, in its 19th edition, the carpet oasis will run until 2nd of February 2014 and is being held at the Dubai Festival City.

The exhibition has a vast collection of carpets and rugs in various shapes and sizes. While majority of the carpets on sale are from Iran, there are also carpets from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Caucasian countries. Prices vary from a few hundred to more than a Million Dirhams.

This intricately woven carpet comes from Tabriz, the second largest city in Iran. The design is called “Mahi”, which means Fish. As you can notice, it very distinctly appears like the skin of a fish. There are also many other varieties of Persian carpets on sale including Kashan, Qum, Nain and Isfahan, which feature patterns of plants, animals, flowers, medallions and inter twined branches.

Caucasian rugs are also available at the exhibition. They come in very distinct, bright colors with various geometrical shapes artistically woven to create beautiful patterns. These rugs come from places like Baku, Azerbaijan, Kazak and other Caucasian countries.

The “Kilim” variety of carpets is similar to the Caucasian rugs, but they have more intricately woven borders and motifs. Kilim carpets are mainly woven in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are extremely versatile and can even be hanged on the wall.


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