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Choosing the Right Purse

Purses are such an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. You can’t afford to go wrong with them. Just as you choose right clothes for your figure and wear right accessories to match with your clothes, choosing a right purse that compliments your body and clothes is equally important.

Do not view your purse as means to carry your wallet, your keys and cosmetic’s. Beyond being a container, it’s a very powerful accessory that can accentuate your looks and figure. Did you know that your purse could enhance your body’s curves and highlight the best you have, and at the same time, divert the attention away from what you do not wish to show off?

The right purse for you:

Before choosing a purse, you should know what is it that you want to hide or highlight. Look at your body proportion, analyze your built and curvatures. Do you have a large built or a thin built? Are you tall or short? What is your body shape and what are the parts that you like to flaunt or hide? Depending on your shape and curvatures, choose a purse that offers you maximum flattery. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

The rule is basic and simple- large bags for large bodies and small bags for small bodies. If you are short and thin, use a small bag that stays close to your body. If you are tall and huge, use a large bag as a smaller bag can create a bigger illusion of your body. If you are tall and thin, then use a medium sized bag, preferably a shoulder bag that hangs down close to your waist.

Do you have large hips and narrow upper half? Then you might want to divert the looks away from your hips. Choose a purse with small straps and hang it over your shoulders, keeping it snuggled under your arms.

If you have a heavy upper body, then you can draw the attention to your hips or legs with a slightly large shoulder bag (having long straps) that hangs just below your waist. You could alternatively carry a hand purse.

If you are fortunate enough to have a perfect figure, then you need not get into the physics of your body, just go ahead and flaunt! Any type of purse will look good on you.

Remember that your purse should also compliment your clothes. Yes, matching with colors is a good idea, but don’t just blindly go by the rule. A pink outfit does not necessarily mean a pink bag. It’s more to do with the kind of outfit and the event you are attending.

You can carry dazzling purses with Zardozi work and gemstones for occasions like weddings. Sling bags with beads and embroidery or branded hand bags go perfectly well with casuals and jeans. Classy black purses, Satin handbags or clutch purses are ideal for a formal dinner or a romantic evening. Whites, blacks, browns and sometimes reds can be ideal for workplace. Just remember not to have them too flashy.

You can experiment with more color and variety during family outings, holidays or during informal parties. How about animal prints for funky parties? And those lovely colorful straw handbags for beach parties and holidays?

So it’s up to you as to how you want to present yourself. If you pay attention to choosing your outfit, your pair of earrings, your make-up and footwear, then why ignore your handbag?

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