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Dads of Daughters

Top 20 things dads of daughters will know

How to braid hair, how to play with dolls and what objects in the house make a great pop star microphone are just some of the things Dads of Daughters will know, according to a new survey conducted by Mattel. A study of 7300 dads with daughters...

Should parents involve kids in chores

Should parents involve kids in chores at home?

Written by Ms Pavla, Foundation Stage Teacher at Hartland International School. Dubai. Chores, chores, chores. I am already tired by saying this word… a chore. I wrote this word four times; I am exhausted! Yes, this word somehow has the ability to...

Best children's books for summer reading

Best children’s books for summer reading

Summer vacation is on and what better time than this to help your children become better readers and confident communicators? Reading over the summer is much more than a recreational activity. Existing research demonstrates that summer reading...

Flu vaccination

Flu vaccination: Do we need it?

We are in that time of the year when Flu season starts again; to protect yourself and your family you may be to considering vaccination but wondering if that’s the right thing to do. Dr. Ilaria Saredi, Family Medicine Specialist at Allied...

Ramadan Charity donations in the UAE.

Guide to Ramadan Charity donations in the UAE

Charity is an integral part of Islam, and the Holy month of Ramadan is considered as the month of giving and sharing. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world consider Charity as a very pious activity and believe in donating money...

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