Pregnancy & Parenting

Bottle Feed, Home Nursing

Home nursing services in Dubai

Due to a steady rise in the number of nuclear families, ageing baby boomers as well as drastic improvement in the life expectancy of elderly and the aged, there is a growing need for professional caregivers who can offer in-home medical services....

Breast Feeding

Is my baby getting enough breast milk?

With so many research findings confirming the undeniable superiority of breast milk over any other form of milk, there is hardly a reason not to breastfeed the newborn or infant. Most mothers are convinced about the benefits of breast milk and are...

Baby Feeding Wean your baby

Why, when and how to wean your baby

Weaning is the process of introducing to your baby foods other than milk. It is a slow and gradual process during which the baby discovers various tastes and learns the art of chewing and eating. It is a milestone in your baby’s life, a major...

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Basket to prevent constipation

10 Tips to beat constipation during pregnancy

Almost 80% of pregnant women experience problems related to their bowel movement at some point of time during their pregnancies. Constipation is like a side effect of pregnancy. It occurs due to the natural sluggishness of the digestive tract....

Shy Kid

Why is my kid so shy?

Every time you watch your neighbours little boy talk so confidently, you might wonder, “Why is my child so shy? Why can’t he be as social and smart as the other kids on the street?” Well, you’re not alone! That’s how most parents of shy...

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