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Balanced Diet

Why kids need a balanced diet?

Balanced diet is a complete diet containing the required amounts of all the nutrients which are essential for the optimum growth and development of an individual. A child’s growing body has an ever-increasing demand for nutrients. An improper diet...

Woman doing yoga

How Yoga works on Body and Mind

The human body is made up of different parts, organs and glands. The harmony between them is what constitutes good health. Abuse, under use, or negligence of any of these parts can cause a disturbance of this harmony-giving rise to ill health and...

Tomato and Mozzarella, mediterranean diet for a healthy heart

Eat Mediterranean diet for a healthy heart

The death rates from heart disease and cancer have been rising drastically since the last few decades. According to the reports, U.S.A and Finland have the highest number of cardio vascular deaths. This is predominantly due to their diet, which...

Water being poured in a glass

Tips to recover naturally after a long weekend

Long weekends are always fun and we all look forward to it. It is the ideal time for family outings as well as social visits. But even this much needed break comes with its own set of problems. Long weekends also mean over indulge in food and drink,...

A female fitness instructor demonstrates an abductor squeeze - Exercise

5 good reasons to exercise regularly

Exercise for good health Exercise is directly related to your body weight and general health.  When you exercise you burn calories, which means your body is working extra hard to release the energy required for the physical activity. In order to...


Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraine

Acupuncture, which is a part of the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has been successful in drawing a lot of attention off late due to its popularity in relieving chronic pains like Backache and Migraine. Several countries have recognized the...

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