Potato and Vegetable Soup

Potato and Vegetable Soup

This hearty potato and vegetable soup is simply comfort in a bowl. It’s a complete meal that will fill you up with nourishing nutrients and makes for a great winter soup. Ingredients Medium size potatoes – 2 Medium size onions/shallots...

Cinnamon Stars

Cinnamon Stars

Cinnamon stars, also known as Zimtsterne are traditional German Christmas cookies made with grounded nuts (hazelnuts or Almonds) and cinnamon powder. Unlike other cookies, there is no flour in cinnamon stars. It could be a little messy and difficult...


Classic desserts for the festive season

Christmas countdown is on, and food is definitely on everyone’s mind! If you are hosting dinner parties at home, you certainly want to make it memorable for your guests. What better than a show-stopper dessert to bring your feast to a perfect...

Coconut and hazelnut Truffles

Coconut and Hazelnut Truffles

These coconut and hazelnut truffles are the simplest Christmas treats you can ever make! They look absolutely Christmassy and taste irresistibly delicious, just the perfect Christmas sweet to make when you’re short on time. Ingredients: 400g...

Apricot Jam Tarts

Apricot Jam Tarts

Sweet, slightly tangy and utterly delicious, these mini apricot jam tarts are irrepressible! Eat one and you just can’t stop! Ingredients: 150g Plain white flour 3 tbsp unsalted butter – chilled and diced 3tbsp caster sugar 1 egg yolk 1...

Pistachio Baklava Recipe

Easy Pistachio Baklava Recipe

Baklava is an extremely popular dessert across the Middle East and Mediterranean countries. From Armenia to Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iran, Baklava is enjoyed as a dessert during all special occasions including Eid and Christmas....

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