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Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare solutions

Winter cold leaves one’s skin dry, cracked and itchy. During winters, the air gets both cooler and drier due to low humidity. While the cold air constricts the blood vessels supplying the skin, sweat and oil producing glands, lack of moisture...

Women Dandruff

Dandruff isn’t just a dry scalp

If you had to struggle with those itchy, annoying and embarrassing moments in the midst of an important meeting or special date, you aren’t alone! Almost 50% people in the world have faced such embarrassing times. Dandruff is a very common problem...

Kaya Gold Radiance Facial

Review: Kaya Gold Radiance Facial

When Kaya Skin Clinic invited me to try their popular Kaya Gold Radiance facial, I jumped at it because that’s precisely what my skin needed! After a busy winter holiday of skiing and playing in the snow, my skin was screaming for hydration....

Discount on Skin Tightening Treatment Beverly Hills Aesthetic and Medical Centre

Titan can tighten your sagging skin

Titan can tighten your sagging skin Whether it is pregnancy, weight loss or ageing, we all go through certain phases in life that can affect our bodies and the way we look and feel. Loose Saggy skin is one common concern shared by many women, young...

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