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Burj Khalifa in Reemiyat Series – Book Review

Join Sheema, Shamma and Hazza, as they visit Burj Khalifa and learn more about this incredible structure that adorns the skyline of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, is the 3rd book in the Reemiyat series, written by Dr. Reem El Mutwalli, an art lover, scholar and cultural enthusiast. Dr. Reem’s long-time association with the cultural foundation in Abu Dhabi has inspired and influenced her to write a series of educational books reflecting the culture and monuments of the UAE.

Reemiyat series is a bilingual (English and Arabic) 4 book series, featuring characters inspired by the UAE Royals. Hazza, the little boy along with his 2 lovely sisters Sheema and Shamma, are inquisitive, lively and intelligent Arab children who love to explore the local culture and understand its vast heritage. As they embark on different journeys, they begin to learn about different things, from the oldest monuments in UAE to the tallest tower in the world.

Burj Khalifa, the 3rd book in this series is all about how Hazza, Sheema and Shamma explore this majestic tower along with their very enthusiastic parents, who were not only forthcoming in taking the children up the tallest tower, but also happy to share their knowledge with them.

The book is an amazing collection of facts about Burj Khalifa, depicted in a very light and child friendly manner. Some of the facts mentioned in the book are not known to many. From the lightning proof protective panel at the tip of the tower to the eco-friendly irrigation system at the Burj Park, the three children learn about every aspect of the tower as they walk around the place with their parents.

The book is also wonderfully illustrated, making it easy to comprehend and remember. Be it the daring act of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, who climbed up the tower to put the UAE National flag or the magnificent views of Dubai from the Observatory deck, all the illustrations are very realistic and life like.

Even though the book is full of facts and information, it has a very warm and playful feel. As the colors, facts and the characters come to life, kids can very easily assimilate all the information depicted through the story. Burj Khalifa from the Reemiyat series is an ideal read for children of all ages.

Reviewed by Dr. Arpitha Reddy

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