Aquaplus Alkaline Water

Aquaplus: The alkaline water with real health benefits

Aquaplus: The alkaline water with real health benefits

Water, as we all know, is the most essential element to life on earth. Every living cell in this world contains water. An astonishing 85% of our brain and 70% of our body is made up of water, which clearly explains why water is essential to our physical and intellectual wellbeing.

We urban dwellers are eternally stuck in the work, eat, drink, socialize circuit, which eventually builds stress and plays havoc with our health. The daily grind leaves us with fatigue, indigestion, aches and pains due to acidity and toxin build-up. It is a given that drinking water will flush away the toxins from our body, but if the water we consume can hydrate and detoxify our cells much more efficiently, our body can revitalize naturally, making us feel happy and healthy all the time. So, is there water that can be better optimized by our body cells?

Research suggests that alkaline water is healthier than the plain mineral water. Alkaline water contains special mineral ions that can neutralize the excess acids in the body and increase cell hydration making us feel fresh and energetic throughout the day.

The concept of alkaline water has already made a huge headway in evolved markets such as USA, Korea and Japan and has now arrived in the UAE too! Aquaplus Energized Fresh Water is a new premium water brand in the UAE that is offering fresh, pure and energized alkaline water for everyday consumption. With huge emphasis on health and safety, Aquaplus is revolutionizing the water consumption in this region.

So what makes Aquaplus water superior?

Aquaplus water promises to offer real health benefits through “Enhanced Hydration, Better Detoxification and Increased Metabolism”. It aims to achieve this through an innovative technology that not only reduces the size of the water clusters, but also imparts the beneficial alkaline properties to water by raising the PH.

Small water clusters: Aquaplus water undergoes a unique filtration process which gives it the rejuvenating alkaline and ultra-hydrating properties. During this process, Aquaplus water clusters are reduced in size, enabling them to be easily absorbed by our body cells. Smaller clusters make hydration more efficient and nutrients more bioavailable. When there is better transportation and exchange of nutrients and minerals, the body metabolism automatically improves.

Higher PH: Human blood is slightly alkaline, but when toxins and acids build up in the body, the PH value may go down, making it more acidic. Aquaplus water has a slightly higher PH when compared to plain water; hence it can neutralize the acidity and PH imbalance, giving us a detoxified, non-acidic body.

BPA FREE Bottles: Aquaplus is the only water in the UAE that is packed in a 5 gallon Bisphenol A (BPA) Free Bottle. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is used in making certain plastic products, and research has shown that this substance can seep into food and beverages stored in containers that are made with BPA. With water bottles being constantly exposed to heat and sun, BPA has been a major concern to many. With Aquaplus water coming in BPA free bottles, you can be rest assured that the water you drink is safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Stringent purity and quality control: Each Aquaplus bottle undergoes rigorous and stringent quality control processes to ensure the bottles are clean, hygienic and toxin free. To maintain the purity of water, a comprehensive, multi-level cleaning and sanitizing process is employed at the Aquaplus plant that involves carefully controlled and continuously monitored disinfection processes in hygienically designed lines.

Great Health benefits at no extra cost: The quality of water we drink is just as important as the quantity.  Aquaplus is offering high quality, healthy alkaline water in safe, toxin-free bottles at no added cost! Yes that’s true, Aquaplus water does not cost any more than the ordinary mineral water.

Planning to make the switch?

Aquaplus fresh energized water is available in 5 gallon BPA free re-usable bottles. The attractive, purple colored bottles packed with energized water are delivered to your doorstep, free of cost. If you want to get your bottle of Aquaplus energized water, you can place an order by calling 800 WATER (92837) or book online through their website

Special Offer Aquaplus Water

Now you can purchase Aquaplus 5 Gallon bottles at a special price of AED 100 for 10 coupons booklet and AED 200 for 24 coupons booklet i.e. 16% off (AED 20 as refundable deposit per bottle). Aquaplus also offers hot & cold water dispenser for AED 335 as wholesale price (usually selling in the market for AED 370). Claim your voucher NOW and call 800 WATER (92837) to collect your coupon booklet.

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