Parent School contract in Dubai

All about Parent School Contract in Dubai

Some of you may have already signed the parent school contract last year. The KHDA had introduced the Parent school contracts in schools from academic year (2015-16) onwards, and it is now mandatary for all schools in Dubai to have a legally binding contract between parents and the school. Parents usually receive an email from the school at the beginning of the academic year, reminding them to sign the Parent-School contract.

For someone who’s recently moved to Dubai, this may sound new and a little confusing. If you’re wondering what Parent-School Contract is all about, here’s an overview.

What is a parent school contract?

Parent school contract is a legally binding contract that has been introduced by KHDA to address any disputes that may arise between parents and the school. KHDA aims to establish a positive relationship between families and schools through a contract with transparent and well defined terms and conditions so as to make both parties aware of their duties and responsibilities. This will not only reduce the number of disputes between parents and schools, but also help mitigate and resolve disputes as and when they arise.

What does the parent school contract include?

The contract clearly defines the responsibilities of both parents and the school under various categories. From admission policy, curriculum and fee structure to communication, health and safety, the terms and conditions are clearly set under each category.

Main sections of the contract include:

1. Admission

2. Curriculum and Educational programmes
– Mandatory subjects
– Subjects offering
– Choice of educational streams
– Assessment policy
– Promotion and retention policies
– Extra-curricular activities and celebrations
– Graduation requirements
– Graduate certificate

– Annual school fees
– Additional mandatory fees
– Additional optional fees
– Returning students
– New students
– Refunds
– Sibling policy
– Discount policy/Scholarship policy

4. Communication for effective partnership

5. Attendance and punctuality

6. Attitudes and behaviour

7. Health and safety

8. Transportation

9. Appeals process

10. Declaration

How does the process work?

At the beginning of each academic year, your child’s school will generate a contract and email it to you for you to read through the terms and conditions. This contract is generated from the KHDA website using the student information that the school uploads on their system.

You have to then visit the school to sign the contract electronically along with the school. Your child’s school will help you go through the process, however, you are encouraged to make sure that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of this contract. You should not hesitate to discuss with the school if you’d like to seek any clarification with respect to any clause that is in the contract.

Once the contract is electronically signed by you and the school, you can request for either an electronic copy of the contract to be sent to your email or get a hard copy printed or both.

If time is a constraint and you’re unable to make it to your child’s school to sign the contract, you can also do it from your home through the KHDA website. The KHDA has launched a new parent-school contract app for your parents who would like to do it directly.

Only when the contract is signed, the student’s details are registered with the KHDA system. Both school and the KHDA will retain electronic copy of this contract for future reference and also for the purpose of dispute resolution.

You will also get a unique QR code associated with your contract. This code will direct you to a personalized webpage on the KHDA school system with the details of the contract that you and the school have electronically signed.

For more information, you can also visit KHDA.

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