Desert Tale Book

A Desert Tale: New Inspiring story book about the history and culture of Dubai

“ There was only a very small number of children’s books about the Arabian peninsula” says Christina Fernandes who wanted to read more books about UAE, its history and culture to her two little children. Keen to enrich her children’s knowledge about the city they lived, she set out to write her own children’s story set in Dubai, calling it A Desert Tale.

The fascinating story has been beautifully illustrated by Ania Kalinowska, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She hopes that her paintings will spark the imagination of readers of all ages as she and Christina continue to create children’s stories with a local flavour that embody the magic and mystery of Dubai.

A Desert Tale is an exciting tale set in Dubai. It is the story of two children, Thomas and Sarah, who live in Jumeirah. Their mother wants to take visiting Aunty Veronica to the souk for sightseeing. Being typical children, Thomas and Sarah are groaning and moaning about being dragged along to a place they think is boring for kids. But to their surprise they meet an old man there who tells them about the wondrous Dubai of days past.

Over the course of his tale, the children learn about pearl diving, wind towers, trading dhows and bedouins. When Thomas and Sarah are taken along for more sightseeing the next day, they find reflections of the old man’s words everywhere they go – the Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Khalifa and even their own home. The lesson they have learned is that one must always keep one’s eyes open to discover the magic and mystery hiding all around us.

A Desert Tale is currently available in Jashanmal, Carrefour, Magrudy’s, Dubai Duty Free, Books Plus, Heritage House, The Toy Store and BookCorner in Abu Dhabi as well as directly from the author. The book is available in eight languages – English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian.

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