April is Earth Month. It's time to make those little changes that make a big difference. We are all aware of the issues that plague our environment, but sometimes we may not be motivated enough to do something for our planet. What better time than this to start thinking about it, to make changes and inspire others to do the same. Where do we begin? There are so many little things we all can do at our homes! Saving energy and fuel, recycling things, reducing the use of plastic and disposable stuff, responsible buying etc are some of the things we all can achieve very easily. We take this opportunity to remind you the good old mantra of "3R's".



Talking of Earth Day, Funky Monkeys Playland is organizing a special Earth Day Kids party on Thursday 21st April with loads of fun go green activities for your children.

Funky Monkeys UAE

Earth Day Celebrations at Funky Monkeys Playland

Funky Monkeys Playland is one of the largest indoor and outdoor Edutainment Centers located in the heart of Dubai City on Sheikh Zayed Road, where kids can enjoy a huge Soft Play area, Birthday Parties, Laser games, Arts & Craft activities, Pizza making fun, Culinary classes etc. The state of the art play and learn facility is a perfect venue …

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Al Ain Safari

Al Ain Safari Experience at Al Ain Zoo

Want to take your children on an unforgettable animal adventure safari? No, you don’t have to travel to an exotic land to experience an animal adventure. You can now enjoy this unique and one of a kind experience, right here in the UAE! Al Ain Zoo is launching the world’s largest man-made safari, the most spectacular adventure that extends over …

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Probiotic foods

Are probiotic foods good for your health?

As grotesque as it may sound, eating live bacteria could be great for your health! According to nutrition and health experts, certain strains of bacteria are beneficial to our bodies and consuming them on a daily basis will promote microbial balance in the gut and improve overall health. Our intestines are home to millions of bacteria, some good and some …

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Kids and gardening

Kids and gardening: Tips to encourage the little green fingers

In a world where children are constantly exposed to wars, terrorism and daily images of violence, how do we teach our children about love, care and compassion for all? How do we teach them to nurture and protect everything and everyone around them? How do we make our children see and experience the positive side of life? All human beings …

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